Why is Hinduism important?

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Hinduism is not just a religion but a form of Dharma. It is common to call this religion as Hindu Dharma rather than Hinduism. This religion resides from the essence of the verses that constitute Vedas. Vedas are the recitals of the Lord Himself done for the welfare and liberation of mankind. Hindu Dharma mainly concentrates on the growth and development of the human soul and imparts diverse teachings that focus ultimately towards the union of the human soul and the eternal soul (GOD) or all-pervading soul. The various Sastras or science forms that are discussed in Vedas are meant only to keep our mind and body healthy in order to carry out our journey to eternity hassle free. According to the Hindu Dharma, the main aim of the human should be to attain liberation of his soul. The word liberation here gives the meaning of getting ourselves free from the good and bad deeds and to come out from the cycles of rebirth.

Hinduism teaches that real happiness lies in liberating our soul thus avoiding the soul’s birth and death repeatedly. The period between birth and death and the place as well as the time our stay in this world  is called Midhya. This Midhya, according to the Hindu Dharma, is represented by a materialistic life and is governed by Maya. This world is considered as Midhya and is not permanent for our stay. We need to be born and then die repeatedly, and the happy and sad moments that we undergo here in between these two events are not real and permanent. Hindu Dharma says that real happiness is felt by the soul and not by the body. The same soul has several bodies worn in each of its births. So the happiness felt by the soul is real happiness as opposed to the happiness felt by the body, as the body itself is perishing one day. The soul can be happy only when it is devoid of sensual pleasures, hatred, and desire. Hindu Dharma finds various ways to have control over the sensual pleasures and ultimately to remove them. It also finds methods to decrease desire and have only sacred desires that can ultimately purify you. These methods are given in the form of traditions, customs, religious practices, rituals, and so on. Following some or all of these procedures can make the human soul evolve.

Hinduism also greatly stresses devotion and knowledge which are the weapons for being liberated easily. Many sacred scriptures of Hinduism explain various regulations in the form of stories and real incidents of the past to exemplify the teachings of Vedas and make us follow the principles described in Vedas very effectively.

The scientific facts that have been revealed now are focusing back into the Hindu religion. The way of living and the health standards that we understand through science today were given long ago which were proved now in science as well. This makes us understand that religion is science and vice versa. Science is revealing many things which were already said in Vedas. It might take a few million years to prove many things that were said in the Vedas. Understanding Hinduism properly will reveal various mysteries and reasons for its significance.

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