Why is Honor important?

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Why is Honor important?

Honor is synonymous to glory, respect, and distinction. This is a reward after accomplishing something successful. Honor boosts our self-esteem. It can give us more privileges and opportunities.

Honor is a highly regarded word and people who have it are considered of high value and moral worth. Honor is what other men die for because it is priceless. If man has honor, he can decide what is right from wrong, he conforms according to his conscience, and he has an excellent character that everyone looks up to.

Honor is something to be achieved. It is the accumulation of all positive undertakings and triumphant endeavors. In school and in work, a person is given honor if he gained something worthwhile. It can be in the form of medals, plaques or certificates. Most importantly, honor is not measured by the awards but with personal integrity. It’s the people who give regard of everything you have done. If you are a person with dignity and self-respect, people will bestow you the honor that you deserve.

Honor is also based from one’s character and disposition in life. It may not be visible in the eye because it is not determined by the physical aspects and material success. It is established by the building of character which is perfected because of mistakes, trials, and problems.

Honor is important because it can recognize the importance of life. Once there is honor, there is righteousness and integrity. That is why human race always recognizes characters with honorable conduct. This is to inspire the world that honor is as important as life. By having honor, moral values are achieved. BY having honor, truth will prevail. By having honor, virtue is realized.

Honor is valuable because it does not last. It is imperishable. If all men in this world has honor, the world will be a place built on trust and respect.

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