Why is ice cream bad for you?

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Ice cream is probably loved by millions of people around the globe.  A great percentage of people have what they call a “sweet tooth,” and when it comes to desserts and sweets, many would definitely put ice cream as one of their favorites.  But despite the joy and happiness one might get out of eating ice cream, people also know that it may also be bad for one’s health.

For one reason, ice cream is loaded with lots of sugar and may become addictive.  Sugary food items like ice cream are usually associated with happy moments and comfort.  People even crave ice cream just to comfort themselves from stress and other problems at home, school, or work.  And when these types of emotions are involved with eating ice cream, people may become dependent on this temporary sugar rush and the relief they feel and may eventually get hooked.  In the long run, too much of this product may cause some serious health problems.

Nutritionists also point out that ice cream contains too many calories which could lead to obesity concerns.  A healthy and balanced diet involves calories from different food groups. But if most of the calories come from sweets like ice cream, one may have problems in terms of maintaining an ideal weight.  In fact, many people who eat too many carbohydrate-rich foods like ice cream are prone to have more body fat which could also be a great health risk.  Another health concern for ice cream is diabetes.  This condition develops if there is too much sugar in a person’s bloodstream.  Ice cream has lots of sugar in it and is addictive for some people, and so it may be a bad food choice for those who want to control their weight and avoid diseases like diabetes.  With all of these health concerns, ice cream is often considered bad for people.

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