Why is IKEA successful?

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Why is IKEA successful?

When it comes to good quality and affordable household furniture, only one major store comes to mind – IKEA, the number one store to visit if you are a budget-concerned customer. They offer a wide variety of household products and items which you can buy for pieces. They are popularly known for their sleek and stylish modern furniture selling at affordable prices.

IKEA is a Swedish company which specializes in compact styled and usually assembled-by-the-purchaser furniture. Currently, they have nearly 300 stores open worldwide. IKEA really became successful because of their marketing strategy, good customer service, pricing, style and functionality, store location and a large collection of products.

IKEA’s marketing strategy is really commendable as they have carefully thought about how to effectively sell their products. One unique feature of the IKEA store is the flat pack furniture”, they offer products to be bought by pieces and let the purchaser assemble it herself or himself lessening the cost of the product and eliminating the cost of delivery and transport.

IKEA is also known for displaying good customer service. Many customers are loyal to them because of their friendly and accommodating customer service.

Another part of their marketing strategy is instead of placing restaurant chains inside the stores, they place their own food stalls and serve their own food. Following the company protocol, these delicious usually Swedish made delicacies are sold at affordable prices.

IKEA can also boast about its product’s style and functionality. Despite the low cost, their products are Scandinavian designed depicting that stylish and classy look. Their stores are also designed very uniquely and spacey presented with various interior designs and concepts for every type of room inside the house.

Locations of their different stores also contribute to their success. Since 2008, IKEA had already opened a lot of stores within 36 countries like Germany having 43 stores and United States having 34 stores.

Lastly, IKEA’s success also lies in their wide collection of creative and innovative products. Customers will surely have a lot of options to choose from and this strategy creates a demand for customers who as they wander around the store, discover a lot things that they want to buy.

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