Why is Imagination important?

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Why is Imagination important?

Imagination is one faculty of the mind that allows one to form mental images that may or may not be in motion. Most imaginations are highly influenced from one’s aspirations, dreams, hopes and future visions and missions in life. Imagination is one magnificent work of the mind that helps in creating concepts and ideas that are not yet perceived by man’s physical senses. One’s imagination is highly stimulated from stories, fairy tales and both fictional and factual events that give one the opportunity to visualize and envision things that can only be formed and found within the mind. Imagination is one complex feature that only the mind can fully fathom and no other being can fully execute except the human being.
As one vital feature of the brain’s function, imagination is an important element that needs to be developed and adequately nourished. Imagination is not a limited concept of only forming images of the mind but it also involves all the other senses and feelings. Therefore, imagination is important because it allows one to have strong creative abilities. More so, the use of imagination helps in training one’s senses, putting them in coordination with one another. Imagination keeps the senses intact to adequately function as it serves as one effective tool in recreating and innovating one’s world and life. Thus, imagination is one important element that plays a major role and value in each one’s life. More so, imagination gives us the freedom to think what one wants to think and to associate with any feeling that one wants to associate it with.
In true light, the power of imagination has brought great big influences to many people. Understanding its proper use and putting knowledge into practice can definitely lead one to success, satisfaction and happiness.

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