Why is Imperialism good?

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Why is Imperialism good?

The occupation of Philippines by United States in the Spanish-American War held in 1899 was described by the British poet Rudyard Kipling as taking up the White man’s burden. Every colony after World War II started experiencing political independence. The industrial nations helped the poor countries to establish good government and flourish with high prosperity. The economist called Stanley Engerman in the University of Rochester calls it as a new good Imperialism.

Imperialism is good if it takes care of the economics rather than the political control on the history of the nation. The academic economists experimented on the progress in poor nations by experiencing colonialism. Imperialism introduces the trade unions to have good labor standards on countries that are developing. The industrial nations depend on the World Bank, international monetary fund and other institutions to give suggestions on technical, economic and governance to the developing countries which are poor. Imperialism also helps in introducing the foreign tools which provide western ideas to the countries that are struggling to develop.

America occupied several countries in the process of building its Empire instead of giving the impression to the public that they are doing it for imperialism. It has spread imperialism to Germany and Japan. Recently nation building projects were done by America in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. In the name of occupation or Imperialism or whatever, United States tried to eradicate the evils of communism and Nazism like Taliban and Serbian improvement in ethnicity. The Imperialism is good as it helps to spread liberal institutions to countries like South Korea and Panama which are almost different from each other.

Imperialism is a good as it helps to spread the capitalism and communist systems of the government. Imperialism can teach the people who are outside this type of government to realize and understand the inequality among people. Studying the living style and standards of the people experiencing imperialism will help others to understand the outside world. Imperialism is good as it teaches the people to have control on the territory via the government. The imperialistic government will have proper control on the various aspects of the territory. Imperialism provides a sense of order and hence is good.

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