Why is innocence important?

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Why is innocence important?

Innocence is a characteristic feature which is similar to that of behavior of the child. It is a very valuable gift to a person. The definition provided by the dictionary for innocence is that it is the freedom from sin which is achieved through being ignorant about evil. Human beings would have made less number of wrong deeds in the childhood or in the young age. The life will be very much simple and normal when we are young. We do not have major responsibilities except in some cases during the young age. One need not attend to work, bother about paying monthly domestic bills, running a family and many more.

Children mostly think of spending the time joyfully. They do not consider any situation so seriously. Children do not think about either boy friend or girl friend, about popularity, future aspirations and money matters. Innocence keeps our mind healthy and spiritually good. Innocence also positively influences the health of the total body too. Some people believe that innocence is a quality of mind which can cause hurdles or create problems in life. So, it has been a big doubt whether innocence is important or not?

The decisions and perspectives that were made in childhood may not change the remaining life. But, they can stimulate us to become a good adult. The children grown along with their parents who are always fighting and abusing each other will also result as the same. Innocence teaches the child what is right and what is wrong as the child will be having neutral mind at that time. This is where innocence will appear to be valuable and sweet. The child who has experienced loving care from his or her parents will also be ready to spread love and affection to its children in future. Innocence is something that everyone can enjoy expressing it. Innocence is the happy moment that a person can experience very much.

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