Why is innovation important to the growth of organizations?

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Why is innovation important to the growth of organizations?

The companies that intend to grow high and become successful should have leaders in them who believe that innovation is a significant strategy of growth. Innovation is obtained by those people who always think of growth and those who have an aptitude and positive attitude in solving the problems. They also are able to convert their ideas into reality. The innovation can be attained in the organization if the people there, have the passion for relentless growth by removing the hurdles.

Organization that encourages innovation uninterruptedly will generate or manufacture new market products and services, business models which can result in growth of it. Innovation depends on the ability of the company to study the opportunities available in the market, its internal potentiality to counter innovatively, and the knowledge levels it has. An organization has to sustain itself through compulsory and consistent growth and this can be achieved by innovation. The materials that are required for innovation to be achieved by a company are vision and strategy, processes or practices or systems or culture that support innovation, top management team, cross-functional teams who can create road for innovation, well trained employees who are qualified better.

Innovation can be performed by a system that encourages the values in business and tends to improve them. Innovation is important to an organization as the growth of it involves certain changes in the existing strategies of improvement. The alterations in the technology in order to bend towards innovation are not sufficient for innovation to be achieved. The shift in the technological aspects which can bring improvement in products, services, and support mechanisms like marketing –sales, delivery logistics, and infrastructure-manufacturing-production can be utilized for innovation. Innovation is definitely important for an organization but, care should be taken that it will not wipe away the old organizational practices and structure which formed the basis for the initiation of organization.

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