Why is Internet Slow?

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Why is internet slow?

The Internet is one global system that facilitates the interconnection of various computer networks across the world. For many years of its existence, the internet has evidently been one influential technological invention that has greatly influence the majority of the population.

Apart from the information that is already deemed to be reliable and valid as a form of reference, the internet also provides entertainment, with its capacity to access through sites and web addresses that contain several forms of amusement. And in today’s modern era, the internet now contains almost anything from personalities, business transactions, and basic search engines.

But over the years of the Internet’s existence, many users have observed that the Internet has been slow in its performance. Regardless of the type of service that is used to connect with the Internet, there are several factors that can bring even the most robust connection to a crawl.

One identified cause of having slow Internet is the presence of virus in one’s hard drive. Computer viruses can be transmitted in a variety of ways, which has the ability to corrupt files, programs and applications stored in one’s unit. Downloading from unknown sources is one common practice that permits viruses to harbor in one’s drive. Inserting flash disks that are not scanned prior to usage is also one common source of virus that makes the use of internet to be slow.

More so, the Internet Service Provider, can cause back lags in the use of the Internet. It can be that there are technical problems that the Provider experiences or there are just a number of users that create longer processing time of the Internet to adequately function.
However, today, many improvements and developments have been initiated to keep the Internet running at an optimum level.

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