Why is Iphone better than Android?

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Why is Iphone better than Android?

iPhone is one product by Apple Inc. that offers users a variety of amusements such as the use of applications, internet access and the most basic function of enabling calls and text messaging. One of its prominent feature is the multi-touch screen that makes the use of keypads unnecessary since iPhones are designed similar to what desktop computer s and laptops have, only that they come in a smaller package. Android, on the other hand, is software specifically created for mobile phones. It somehow has features similar to what iPhones possess. The differences only lie on the extent of capacity that Androids can offer.

Although Android is rapidly becoming one of the most popular smartphone operating systems, Apple could not let this pass without creating an evidently powerful competitor.

Thus, many people prefer to utilize Apple products basically because the name they bear are greatly acquainted with the greatest recommendations from consumers and critics alike. In this light, iPhone is known to be better off than Android.

For one, iPhone is made available to all types of consumers and is known to be widely distributed to reliable stores, thus, they are more convenient to find and purchase.

Apart from convenience, iPhones are internally stable in terms of operating system function. It significantly has a solid and well-designed internal structure that back lags are rarely experienced, as attested by many of its users.

More so, iPhones are better than Android basically because it has vast and varied features that provide users the opportunity to explore further without having the fear of what might happen to the unit, specifically in its internal function.

Evidently, iPhone remains to be on top compared to Androids. The simplicity it brings continue to attract people and bring them into intense fascination.

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