Why is Iran dangerous?

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Why is Iran dangerous?

In one of the press releases reported in 2009 May, the Israeli deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Shimon Peres was telling about the Iran. He was talking to the Anti-Defamation league members and told them that Iran is a very dangerous country. He added that Mullahs think that their religion is always superior like Hitler who was thinking that Aryan race as superior to everyone. The terrorists were observed as opposing the modernity and giving nuclear weapons in the hands of Muslims is really a threat to the modernity. This was the opinion of Mr. Peres on Iran and Muslims in it. There were reports that said about the serious interference of Iran in the domestic issues of Afghanistan. This has made the US military forces to initiate Afghan war.

Allowing Iranians to have nuclear arms would be called as a nuclear armed state ruled by religious extremists. It will result in a large threat to peace among the people all over the world. The nuclear armament in the hands of Iran can make the survival of six million Jews and Arabs in stake at Israel. In one of the conferences that were held in 2006 to encourage the Palestinian government, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was doubtful that Israel was going near the destruction. He encountered that Iran has equipped itself with enough Uranium which indicated that Iranian leaders were keen in destroying Israel.

Iran was found to be building ballistic missiles from the time when it started war with Iraq in around 1980s. The operational Shabab-3s are available at around 50 to 100 with Iran. The frequent announcements made by Tehran that they are developing more advanced missiles was thought to be just for the purpose of campaigning. The reports say that Iran was working on solid fuel rocket engines that are long range missiles. It was supposed to carry a nose cone which harbors a nuclear weapon. Iran was believed to be purchasing and even manufacturing cruise and ballistic missiles from North Korea, China and Russia. It appears that this achievement can allow them to make the nuclear weapons and missiles that can reach large distances. It appears really dangerous and the efforts of Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

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