Why Is Israel In Eurovision?

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Why Is Israel In Eurovision?

Many have asked this question over the years and still asking the validity of Israel’s claim on the said Contest. Everyone knows that Israel is not a part of Europe and their eligibility is due to the fact that they are a member of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

The reason why Israel is part of the EBU is because EBU allows membership even from non-European countries. These include countries like Lebanon, North Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and some countries of Western Asia. Many still argue that Israel being part of the Eurovision is a form of politics. Since Israel has won the said competition, it became controversial and their eligibility was subjected to countless debates. The issue died when Israel stopped participating in the later years. because of too many controversies.

The EBU handles the production of the Eurovision Contest and it is only natural that all its members are eligible to enter the said contest. Israel’s validity came from its membership and not its location on the world map. The EBU is a song contest that is held annually and is considered a prestigious event among the EBU members. Each country will present a song and a singer that will be used as their entry on the competition. The winners will be determined by the number of votes. Participating countries cannot vote for their ‘own, representative.

The representative/country that accumulates the highest votes will win the contest. The country that wins the competition will be responsible, for hosting the event for the next year. This is a multi-national event that gives singers and songwriters the chance to showcase their country’s pride through the form of entertainment. The contest had been viewed by over millions of people (including those countries that don’t participate in the competition) around the world.

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