Why is it bad to sleep with a bra on?

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Why is it bad to sleep with a bra on?

Bra is a short term for the word brassiere. It is a word of French origin which literally means a baby’s vest or lifebelt. It is a form of undergarment that is used to cover, support and elevate the breasts. This article of clothing has replaced the use of corset in the olden times primarily because it is less constricting and is confined only to the breasts. There are indeed a number of purposes why bra is used. As a support, it gives the breasts shape and contour while restraining it, especially during movement such as during exercise. It also is used to cover and elevate the breasts so it doesn’t give a saggy appearance.

Since it is a garment to restrain the breasts, many health experts suggests that bras be taken off during sleep. The reason for this is that the flow of blood becomes too limited. This can eventually impair blood’s circulation to the breasts. This can also constrict a certain system, known as the lymphatic system, which has a vital function on the breast tissues. Another effect of wearing during sleep is that it can alter one’s breathing pattern. Since the bra compresses the breast, the ability of the chest wall to expand during respiration becomes limited, thus the tendency for the person to have difficulty in breathing can highly occur. In addition to these facts, wearing bra at sleep disables and deprives the breasts to be exposed from air. This can create moisture on the breasts’ skin which can later damage the breasts’ skin integrity.

It is therefore, important that adequate care be done to prevent any ill-effects of wearing bras. As many suggests, give the breasts bra-free time for Ã’šÃ‚ satisfactory circulation of air and blood.

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