Why is it Called a Blue Moon?

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Why is it Called a Blue Moon?

One of the most amazing places in our extensive galaxy has to be the moon and all it stands for and does for us human beings here on the planet Earth. I do not think it can be emphasized enough that we would not be alive today if the moon had never been created or if it stopped doing everything in its power to make sure that the Earth remains on the right pace. Looking at the moon through a telescope has to be one of the more interesting things I have ever looked at before in my life. All of the different craters and spots on it makes you wonder how it was even created in the first place.

One of the descriptions of the moon that has been passed down through the generations has been the monicker Blue Moon which references the color shade the moon looks to be when the sun is beating down on it. There is definitely that slight hint of blue when you see the moon shining down at night and it is one of the most gorgeous and neat things to look at with the naked eye. In reality, though, the moon is actually a greyish color and is mostly made up of rock and sulfur.

Even if the moon is actually gray, which is not a very beautiful color in itself to look at, the blue tint really does seem to give it a little bit of a personality. It seems that depending on where the sun is hitting the moon and at what angle you are actually seeing it from, the moon can be a wide range of colors at any given time. This really adds to the mystery of the universe and how everything came to be in the beginning of time. Really makes you think and that is never a bad thing.

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