Why is it called Honeymoon?

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Why is it called Honeymoon?

Honeymoon is considered as the most romantic and sweetest time for newlyweds. Many believe that there is a good explanation on how it got its name. The earliest records for the term was on the year 1546, it was still called ‘hony moone, at the time. Newly weds will go to their own ‘personal vacation, with just the bride and groom and spend romantic time with each other. It starts on the night when they were married and would last for days, weeks and on some occasions a month.

In Europe it was a tradition to give newly wed couple ‘mead, (honeyed wine), which is believed to ensure fertility and happiness to the couple. They will drink a daily cup of this honeyed wine for a month. Folklore tells that the ‘moon, refers to the monthly body’s cycle in combination with honey. Which many people perceive as ‘The sweetness of a relationship might not be always as sweet through the whole month,. You may even call it the waxing and waning of the relationship between bride and groom.

In modern times, people don’t drink mead anymore. Some of them even stays at their new home and won’t even bother to travel to any special destination in their locality and even in the world. Many couples are satisfied to just spend quality time with each other while fulfilling their vows of love. It might surprise you but there are many different traditions on how the honeymoon was done in other countries. Different cultures and traditions play a part on how newly weds spend their first night, first month together.

Some people believe that it is not the destination or the place where they spend their honey moon that is important. It is the feelings that they have for each other. That alone is enough to keep their relationship strong and make their honeymoon a successful one.

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