Why is it Important to Acknowledge and Learn from your Mistakes?

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Why is it Important to Acknowledge and Learn from your Mistakes?

One great personality said that if you are not facing any problem or not at least one problem in a day then definitely there is something wrong with you. This makes us understand that difficulties will keep coming and are part of our life and we must be ready to battle with them and win. Of course there are also situations that pass very smoothly in our life without any difficulty. I think in both the situations we have to perceive the causes that led to the climax which is a problem in one situation and success in another. It is always necessary to acknowledge our activities in our daily life which might result in sorrow or happiness.

When we introspect, we come to know the weakness and strengths in us which have made the situations to result in bad and good respectively. If you find that you are the cause for the difficulty that you had to face, then definitely it would have been due to any small mistake of yours. If any other person is responsible for your difficulty it is another case. If you have found that you are the sole responsible person for your problems then it is time that you acknowledge the mistake which you have done.

In yoga it is believed that doing a mistake creates negative energy in us which means some positive energy in us is nullified due to the negative energy.

Thought -> feeling-> action-> destiny

This is the sequence of things that happen in us according to yoga. When the thought is wrong we end up with a bad reaction for our wrong action. So it is essential to enhance the positive energy in us which allows us to purify our thoughts. The correct thoughts will definitely lead to the good destiny. So it is necessary for us to acknowledge our mistakes and try to view the situation in various perceptions. By looking at the situation in different perceptions we will learn the better way of handling the situation and correct our mistake immediately and not repeat it. So it is important to learn from our mistakes.

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