Why is it Important to encourage and accept feedback from others?

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Why is it Important to encourage and accept feedback from others?

Encouragement is one term that gives serious impact to many. Encouragement is defined as a form of motivation that gives support and hope to another. Acceptance is another term with a simple definition of willingly receiving an object or criticism given by a person or a group of people. Feedback is one important word which refers to a process wherein a return is given back after an effect or outcome is achieved. This process is often used for modification and improvement of processes, products or outputs. The three terms mentioned are important in almost all work fields. The interplay of encouragement, acceptance and feedback is one essential process that must be incorporated in the various walks of life.

In any scenario where humans are given the opportunity to interact with one another, a positive environment is one factor that should be maintained. Along with a positive environment, it is also important that encouragement and acceptance of feedback from others are practiced. It is important to encourage and accept feedback from others to be able to establish a good working relationship. In addition to that, encouragement from others gives one the motivation to endure any obstacle that may be met. It is also essential that the feedbacks given, from other people, are positively accepted. This must be, so that there is an opportunity for the person to evaluate one’s performance and attitude in the work place. Feedbacks are one of the most reliable forms of evaluation. It is so because this form of evaluation comes from the people who are able to work with and observe the person. Therefore, encouragement and acceptance of feedbacks are equally important for one to grow and correct any mistakes that need to be corrected.

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