Why is it Important to Treat other with Honesty, Respect and Consideration?


Why is it Important to Treat other with Honesty, Respect and Consideration?

It is important definitely to treat other with honesty, respect and consideration. Honesty is a part of ideal human nature. Giving and taking respect as well as consideration for others are also important ideals a human being should possess.

When you start a company, you will have certain policies, ideals, disciplinary guidelines and rules for the company set by you. You will set all the rules in order to run the company and develop it in the way you require. You also believe that the company will prosper well if you follow all the regulations properly. This is because you have framed all the policies, rules and regulations by taking the help from group of experts in that field. So you will enthusiastically continue to run and prosper.

The success or failure of your company might depend on your proper or improper implementation of the policies and rules respectively. In the same way the divine law also had set the ideal character of a human to be honest and respectful. If humans implement them it will give good results.

If you are honest to your family and to your profession you can always expect positive response from the other side. Deceiving people will always create enmity and in spiritual sense will reduce the positive energy within you. The idea or thought to be honest will purify your mind and provides relaxation to you. We can only expect others to respect us only if we are ready to do it for others. Respecting each other will develop a feeling of oneness and develop satisfactory human relationship among the people.

When you make any mistake unknowingly in your official work you will be punished for that. In that situation you would expect the authorities to forgive you as you did not commit any mistake knowingly. In the same way it is necessary for us to even consider others not only when they go wrong but during their bad times or when people are poor. The qualities like honesty, respecting others and consideration for others are like ornaments in the human character.

Author: Hari M

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  1. john

    January 22, 2013 6:10 pm

    you guys need to respect other people your mom and dad and our friends at school then they will respect you back..


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