Why is It’s Complicated Rated R?

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Why is It’s Complicated Rated R?

The MPAA believed that an R rating is deserved by the movie It’s Complicated. This is because of a certain scene in the movie which involves two characters who people smoke?”>smoke marijuana and then suddenly giggle every now and then. Specifically, this fact only shows that the board of MPAA are pretty much upset with the outcome of the movie having the two smoking pot. This is definitely a very bad example for the children who might be able to see the movie.

New York Times articles have quoted that someone from Parents Television Council said that smoking pot was an illicit behavior and illegal. That’s why Rated R is just right for the movie. But it is believed that giving the rating for It’s Complicated is more of a political move. The idea is from an organization who doesn’t want to be attacked during the elections. One simple rating might be not such a big deal but besides the real circumstances, the board is just protecting their political power entirely and they ensure that they can get more favors from the upcoming government.

Although it is true that showing some scenes of taking marijuana in the movie is illegal and may contain bad influences that can be absorbed by the children, giving an R rating is a big deal for the people who are taking the idea of politics. For them, MPAA is just showing off and they are giving what they called “laughable ratings” to movies. Meaning, all the ratings they give is not that reliable.

For other critics, a person can happily smoke in a movie without achieving even a PG-13 mark. Recreational pot is something that American adults used to do every day and it has been medically legal in all 13 states of US, and soon will be legalized as well in California.

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