Why is Jackie Robinson so Famous?

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Why is Jackie Robinson so Famous?

Jackie Robinson does deserve to be famous even to date. He is considered to be an important figure in American history, not just in baseball because he rose up to more than what was expected of him. He was able to break free from the chains of racism that was a common occurrence during those times.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson or Jackie Robinson as he is known was the first black person who was allowed to play in the Major League Baseball. This happened in 1947 when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers as one of their players. Before that, a black person was only allowed to play in the Negroes Leagues. He was able to break down the barriers that separated the white players from the colored ones. His playing in the Major League has signaled the end of racism and racial segregation in the field.

His playing in the Major Leagues has opened the gates for other black players too. His love for the game made him a great player. His career was an exceptional one. He earned several awards including the Rookie of the Year award during his debut year in 1947 and the National League Most Valuable Player award in 1949 which was a first for a black player. He also played in 6 World Series championships and contributed greatly to the 1955 World Championship wherein the Dodgers won. He was also included in the roster of players to join the All Star Games in the years 1949 to 1954.

His pursuits outside of the field also made him famous and because of this, he was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal. Let be the life of Jackie Robinson be an inspiration to all of us. He was an achiever in every sense of the word.

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