Why is Java platform Independent?

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Why is Java platform Independent?

What is java? Java was originally named OAK but renamed Java in 1995. It is a programming language and computing platform developed by Sun Microsystems. It brings to life games, utilities and business applications. Java powers over billions of personal computers, billions of devices like mobile phones all over the world for without it, applications and websites won’t work. Amazing how this called Java works wonders.

Now let us understand how this programming language and computing platform nature of Java, in the simplest way possible works. Java as a programming language is full-featured and has a general purpose, capable in making various applications on internet servers, desktop computers and small-hand devices. As for a computing platform it is powerful because it includes a set of APIs or Application Programming Interface, an interface implemented by a software program which allows interaction between other software programs and allows program to run anywhere in the network. This platform characteristic allows Java to run in whatever environment it is in. Thus, it exhibits the ability to be platform independent, meaning it can execute a code regardless of the operating system on which it is being executed.

For example, when you try to run a java program, the output is called a bytecode. This is not readily made executable but further it is interpreted in the Java Virtual Machine on the operating systems where it is being processed. Whichever operating system it is executed, bears the same result and can run in all operating systems. This example demonstrates the mechanism of java’s independence.

Therefore, in this new era, were technology is at its peak, computer and its system have immensely dominated our world from the home, school and work. Technology even brought computers in our palms with ease and brevity. So to speak, the world is a more convenient place in this new age.

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