Why is Jazz popular?

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Why is Jazz popular?

Jazz is one of the popular music forms. It is found that long before 1920, there was another music form nearer to the Jazz called as Ragtime”. The music forms other than this were not making such loud energetic sounds that were made in Jazz. It was the time when the World War I ended along with which war songs also were not liked by the people. People were aspiring for listening to a new form of music for energizing them. In most of the places where African-American people were living, a new music form was played using a trumpet player. The trumpet was played by the famous boy of 19 years named as Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong started the era of Jazz. In 1920s and 30s, Jazz music was much appreciated. Armstrong was considered as the first person to introduce Jazz for the music world.

Jazz is a music form that is liked many people who have achieved proficiency in their instruments. Jazz is the music that makes them to sing their inner feelings and thoughts which emerge from their soul. Only some musicians who can speak from their soul can really enjoy this form of music. Jazz is alive as old music as well as recently Jazz musicians, are also coming out with colorful performances. Jazz is a great music form and Jazz artists mostly perform in large groups. Jazz is so special that it develops and improves with time. But, the Jazz artists are taught and led by the old masters who are well versed in old Jazz. This music form seems to be ever young and appears to be always growing and it is exciting.

The Jazz in 1920 was followed and imitated by the white musicians. Paul Whiteman who was named as King of Jazz” worked as most popular band leader of the decade. He and other musicians improvised the Jazz while New York became the center for Jazz recording and for staging famous performances. Chicago was the nucleus for Jazz after 1925.

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