Why is Jerusalem important to Christians?



Why is Jerusalem important to Christians?

Jerusalem is important to Christians as their faith towards Christianity began from that place. Lord Jesus was brought to Jerusalem after His birth in Bethlehem. Jerusalem is also important to Christians as their beloved GOD Jesus was crucified there. Jerusalem is also significant to Jews as well as Muslims. They turn to face Jerusalem wherever they are in the World in order to perform their prayers to its side.

Every Christian would like to visit Jerusalem at least once in his lifetime. The programs of peace that are held often in the churches at Jerusalem along with the significance of the place are attracting people all over the world. Jerusalem is the place where Jesus stayed and completed his reign. It is also the place where He rose from His grave. Jesus carried out His plans of delivering and rescuing the sinners in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the center for the Judaic religion which was inherited by Christians and later modified it. The last supper of Jesus was the sacred event for the Christians even for today. This happened in Jerusalem and we can see the building where Jesus spent His last night. All these places as well as the places where Jesus has dwelled and walked in Jerusalem were considered as sacred. Many churches were constructed in these places and made it holy forever.

Christians are allowed to pray in the church called Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. This church was earlier built in fourth century AD and was rebuilt in 1099. This church is built on the hill of cavalry where Jesus was crucified. So, for Christians this city has many important events reminding the life of Jesus Christ and His disciples.

Jerusalem is the city where Jesus preached in the Temple courts and was crucified at Golgotha which is His grave available there still. Christians think that Jerusalem is at the center of the World and they have to pray by facing towards it.

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  1. Gwaine

    July 26, 2011 10:47 am

    I’m a little confused… I thought Jesus was born in Bethlehem. During that time (I’m not sure who the ruler was) there was a census which called for everyone to return to the place of their birth. Jospeh and Mary (who was pregnant at that time) went to Joseph’s place of birth (Bethlehem). It was there that they couldn’t find a place in the inn and she conceived Jesus in the barn.

    • Hunter

      April 3, 2013 9:24 pm

      what you say is true.. dont take the internet so seriously.. some things are false (just realized) anyways all you need to count on is the bible. get out there and spread the word (for everyone is your brother and you should save them from hell)!


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