Why Is Jesus Important To Christians?

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Why Is Jesus Important To Christians?

Jesus is the very symbol of Christianity. Through his sacrifice, everyone has been cleansed and their sins forgiven. Being a Christian means being a believer of Christ. Christ in Christianity is referred to as the Son of God, sent by him to purge the sins of the whole world. Through him God gave us his wisdom and offered us a chance to save our mortal soul.

He is also called the messiah, a god in Human form. His teachings had reached many ears and through his teachings many had been reconciled with God. People kept on forgetting that god only wants what is best for us. We seek god when we only have problems, we forget him when we are having fun or in a comfortable state in our lives. Jesus Christ lived as any ordinary man would have lived. He was born from a human woman (Mary) and received the emotions of humans. These human emotions may have greatly influenced his effort to save others and help them become closer to God.

The greatest emotion that a human being is capable of experiencing is Love. If love was the greatest gift of all, then Jesus is the greatest gift given to us by God. His life, his death and resurrection has greatly influenced our beliefs and helps us find our way back to god. His teachings were forever preached by his disciples and through them Christianity became a religion. Christianity is the most known religion in the world, not to mention the biggest in terms of numbers.

Believing in Christ means that you see him as your savior and your brother. In God’s eyes we are all equals, brothers and sisters in our belief in him. The next time you pray to God, make sure to thank Jesus Christ for what he did for you. He gave us the greatest gift of all, his life and his love.

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