Why is Joan of Arc famous?

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Why is Joan of Arc famous?

Joan of Arc also known as the Maid of Orleans was ordained as saint of France and a heroine. She was famous for her bravery because at a very young age, she led French troop in the Hundred Years war which was between the English and French.

Although Joan was a simple girl living in a farm, she was blessed with special power. At the age of 12, she started to hear voices” from angels and saints. The voices told her that she has a mission to free her country from the English invasion. With this, she dressed like a man, picked up her arms, and led the battle.

In May 1429, at the Battle of Orleans, Joan took charge of the French troops and a miraculous victory happened. Joan lifted the siege within 9 days only. She continued to fight in other places and a lot of Englishmen surrendered. Charles VII was crowned the King of France and Joan was given an honor next to the king.

Joan became very famous because of her valor. Although she is a woman, she took courage to fight for her freedom. In 1430, Joan was captured by Burgundians while fighting for Compiegne. She was then sold to the English and the English handed her to the ecclesiastical court. She was accused of committing a crime against God because she wears the clothes of a man. She told the court that the voices” had not told her to change. Her wearing a man’s clothes is one way to protect herself from sexual abuse. She was also accused of being a witch because she claims that somebody is guiding her through the voices” she hears.

After 14 months of interrogation, Joan was convicted and burned in the Rouen marketplace at the age of 19. When the case was reviewed, they found out that Joan of Arc was innocent. She was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920.

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