Why is John Locke important?

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Why is John Locke important?

John Locke lived in the period between 1632 and 1704. He was one of the most popular political philosophers in the modern era. In his book Two Treatises of Government”, he claimed that all men are free and they all were made equally and naturally by God. He debated that all people have right to liberty, right to life and right to property irrespective of any of the laws of society. According to him a legitimate political government is a result of social contract made by men with the government. In this contract, he says that the people in their current state of existence transfer some of their rights conditionally to the government to insure their life, liberty and property. As per his statements, governments exist only with the consent of the people as majorly seen in democracy. This government formed will have to protect the people’s rights and carry out good to the public. The government that does not look after the people properly can be dissolved and replaced with new government.
John Locke was considered important as he defended the right of the people for revolution. He also supported and defended the principle of majority rule and separated the legislative and executive powers. In his work the letter concerning toleration”, Locke emphasized that compulsion of people to follow the true religion is not the right way to make people to become pious. He also insisted that Churches also should not compel their members in following the path of spirituality. He explained in detail about all these in his political writings Second letter on Toleration” and Third letter on Toleration”.
In the continued process of his involvement in political affairs he visited many people including Sir Isaac Newton. In 1693, Locke wrote a book called Some thoughts concerning education”. His impact on the philosophy and political scenario of 18th century did not have any controversies. His writings were liked by Voltaire, Rousseau, Scottish thinkers and American revolutionaries.

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