Why is KCL Used in Lethal Injections?

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Why is KCL Used in Lethal Injections?

Lethal injection is considered as the heaviest punishment that can be placed upon a criminal or a person that have done a very heinous crime. The reason behind using this method of execution is because it is deemed ‘less painful, and not as gruesome as other forms of execution. In the past, when a criminal is to be executed they would usually hang him, use the firing squad or the famous electric chair.

People are still debating whether the use of KCL is in-humane or not. To others, it is considered as ‘mercy killing, because it puts the person to sleep before the drug slowly stops the heart from beating. KCL or potassium chloride is very lethal, especially when used in high dosage. Potassium chloride greatly influences our cardiac muscles, so make sure to use caution if you are thinking of using it on yourself.

Potassium chloride is very helpful in our body. Many physicians use it to treat people with low blood levels. They value the use of potassium chloride in treating patients and are careful with the dosage that they give their patients. The abuse of this drug can cause the symptoms that might make you feel really uncomfortable. Since it affects the heart the most, you might experience uneven heartbeat, numbness in parts of your body, stomach pains and limp muscles.
Never use this drug without the consent of a medical physician.

Some countries had agreed to use ‘lethal injection, as capital punishment, these Includes America and the other countries in Asia. The law is absolute and to enforce the law, officials resort to ‘execution, to put fear in the heart of men. The ironic part is that fear comes in the form of KCL a drug that is both beneficial and harmful to the human body.

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