Why is Kerala called God’s Own Country?

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Why is Kerala called God’s Own Country?

In Hindu Mythology Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Parasurama was supposed to have used His axe on the sea to generate a land for the devotees to live peacefully. Since it is said in the scriptures that Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama, this land is called God’s own country.

Most of the land of Kerala is filled with temples of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. It is very interesting to know that people in Kerala live happily unlike in other states without any communal enemity. They have a tremendous religious understanding. This is one of the reasons why Kerala is called God’s own country as the state has full of worshipping sites.

Kerala is beautifully placed in between the Arabian Sea waters on the west and Western Ghats on the east. Kerala has many rivers flowing and getting connected to each other. Several fantastic lagoons, heavy forests, striking lifestyle, peaceful flow of Emerald waters, and calm shores of the beaches are also seen in Kerala which win the heart of any visitor who arrives into the state. The state appears to be a paradise for all the travelers as well as the people of Kerala.

The phrase called ‘God’s own country, has become so famous recently and it is helping to spread the significance of Kerala all over the World. The sanctity and purity of Kerala reckons it as a great place for national and international tourism. Kerala is also known for best Ayurvedic treatment. The great scholar Sri Adi Shankaracharya was also born in a village called ‘Kaaladi’ in Kerala.

The name Kerala means land of coconuts. The national geographic channel has announced that Kerala is one among the ten paradises in the world. There is a belief that the idol of Lord Krishna which is supposed to be kept in Dwaraka (drowned) in the North was kept in a temple in Guruvayur, Kerala. This happened on the advice of Guru and his disciple vayu. Hence, the name Guruvayur. Guruvayur is called as dwaraka of south India. From the above reasons Kerala is called as ‘God’s own country,.

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