Why is Keyboarding Important?

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Why is keyboarding important?

Our life is usually centered on computer s. Even in school, children bring their laptops to work on their projects and school activities. In the office, computer are also very helpful for filing and other transactions. Life becomes easier and faster because of computers.

However, typing in computers can also be stressful is proper keyboarding is not taken seriously. Keyboarding is typing with the use of the keyboard. In any typing class, the student is taught how to position the fingers so that these will not feel strained and tensed. In keyboarding, there is an appropriate finger for ever letter in the keyboard.

If you try to look in each keyboard, the patterns of the letters are the same (qwerty). The qwerty pattern was a standard layout ever since typewriter was invented. People get used to this layout so this was carried on for computers, laptop, notebooks and even cell phones.

Studying of proper keyboarding is important because it eases the work in typing. When you know where the letters are located in the keyboard, you can type faster. Typing is even faster than writing with pen and paper. It is also more comfortable using the keyboard than holding the pen. This makes your work more convenient and quick to finish. You will also encounter fewer errors with keyboarding because you type the correct letters at the correct positions.

Typing speed also matters in job applications. If you apply for office work, there are tests to be passed and one of those is the typing speed and skill. If you know keyboarding, then you will never fail in this test.

It is important to use the keyboard correctly because this is the extension of your hands. Whatever your mind dictates, your fingers just type those letters to produce words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories.

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