Why is Kyrgyzstan Fighting?

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Why is Kyrgyzstan Fighting?

There were several people killed as well as hundreds of people get wounded during the Kyrgyzstan fighting. It began on late Thursday and then continued into the nest day in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. It is the central Asian nation whose leader was expelled because of riots in the month of April.

The violence that have caused by this riots have posed a great challenge to the government. It had caused the government to deploy armored personnel and troops to quell people on the riot. Most of the witnesses said that groups of young men are carrying steel rods and sticks are smashing the storefronts as well as these group of individuals also burn down houses and cars.

At first, the reason behind why this group of individuals is doing such things is unclear. However there are approximately six hundred people get hurt and wounded and there are also several individuals suffer critical wounds from gunshots. Fearful and loud sounds from gun fires were heard all day as well as the scatted fighting continue in the city.

Finally the Kyrgyzstan fighting was then suggested to be caused by the loyalist of the former president in the city. This fighting was then described as a local conflict which purpose is to chip away at stability before the schedule of referendum for the same month with regards to adopting a new constitution. In short it was all political and public conflicts that urge the Kyrgyzstan fighting.

Everyone can say that the conflict have started suddenly. This is also why it took quite long for authorities and government to determine the roots of the riot. Hence in the outcome, the new government has quickly been established in the city. The city is now insolvent while it is deliberately vital previous Soviet republic that is host to an American military based.

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