Why is law necessary?

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Why is law necessary?

The term, law, is a word that is universally known. Laws are principles being promulgated to define and establish relationship of things, people and matter that exist in the world. In the general sense of the word, laws are a systematic process that contains rules, regulations and policies that is imposed in institutions, organizations or countries. As part of the legal systems operating in a society, laws are reflections of the moral beliefs that people live up to. In almost all countries around the world, there are existing laws that regulates the action and general welfare of its people and the country itself.

With the many different types of laws being implemented today, it is inevitable that there are changes that can occur. As time passes, laws and policies are changed and improved as well. These changes are made to secure the wellness of the country and ensure that every aspect of it is in proper condition. It is therefore important that laws exist. The law is necessary because its basic function is to establish a common relationship. As a form of communication, laws drive people to be involved and participate in one’s society. The law is necessary because it provides the people the opportunity to be an active and effective member of the community. More so, law is necessary because it is the one that defines the limitations and boundaries of a certain organization or country. Also, laws are necessary because it has the ability to secure the rights of each individual, especially in the context of political laws being implemented.

Until today, laws continue to exist primarily because it has the power to influence and teach people how to deal with people, how to live in a society and how to rule a country.

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