Why is Lesson Planning Important?

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Why is Lesson Planning Important?

Every teacher is required to prepare a lesson plan because this is considered as guide for the day’s lessons. Lesson planning is important because it gives the teacher a concrete direction of what she wants to take up for the day.

In a lesson plan, the objectives of the lessons are stated. These goals must be achieved at the end of the lesson. There are also teaching strategies stated as well as the procedure of the whole lesson. At the end, there is an evaluation to test whether the objectives are achieved. By putting these important elements together in a lesson plan, the teacher will find it easy to teach the lesson. She will be following the right road which in the end will surely guide students towards a better education.

Lesson plans are just like movie scripts. It guides the director and other cast of what to do. In a class, the teacher is the director while the students are the cast members. The movie to become successful and award-winning must follow what’s written in the script. For a lesson to be worthwhile, lesson plans must also be followed.

With a lesson plan, the teacher can save time and can manage his time efficiently. She doesn’t need to beat around the bush because the lessons are well organized. The lesson plans also allow the teacher to apply appropriate strategy. She can make use of varied resources and methods which will make the lesson more interesting and not monotonous.

Lesson planning is also one way to enhance the expertise of teachers in employing successful strategies in the classroom. She will be more prepared and confident while teaching the lesson. Although lesson planning is considered as another requirement for teachers, still this activity also helps teachers to be better educators and managers of the classroom.

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