Why Is Life So Hard?

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Why Is Life So Hard?

Life is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Many have tried deciphering what it means to be alive and how to live life but the answers still lead to more questions. Perhaps there is no one answer that everyone can agree on and certainly there is no scientific formula to look up to every time trouble stirs ahead. But for the sake of discussion here some answers that are logical and many people agree on:

1. Life is hard because no one really knows how it’s supposed to work.

2. Life is hard because humans are born with different traits and when they interact with each other differences are sure to arise leading to complicated decisions and conflicts.

3. Life is hard because we live in a society where there are governing rules that everyone must follow. It would definitely be easier if we can do whatever we want without fear of violating any laws.

4. Life is hard because there are choices to make. And each one of them leads to another set of options. If man was born with a guidebook on where to go and what to do, it would really be easier to live life.

5. Life is hard because we are not all physically alike. There are individuals who are stronger than the others. There are some who are smarter than most. All these differences mean each one of us has a handicap that we need to seek help from others.

There are many more attempts to explain why life is tough and for sure more and more people will try. The good thing about not having a definite answer is that as people continue to search for them, life can only get better ad people can only become wiser over time. Only one thing is sure and true. Life is indeed hard and we need to live it.

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  1. SincereHeart

    December 24, 2010 6:53 pm

    Live life to the truthfullest.. not the sinfullest. thus, it would be egoless of a challenge.. ego free is the best way to be. better than care free. ego free is humility. virtue is the best way to ease and peace.. 🙂


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