Why is Louis Riel a hero?

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Why is Louis Riel a hero?

One of the most famous Canadians of all time is Louis Riel. He is known and revered by many Canadians as a hero for the country and also is well known to be the founder of the province of Manitoba. His political advances and never say die attitude when it comes to his religious and political beliefs made him one of the most powerful and also one of the most hated people in the entire country of Canada through the late 1800’s. Throughout his reign as President of the Métis National Committee, Riel was often looked upon to change the ways things were dealt with in Canada and, in many ways, he did.

Riel was opposed to how things were working out in the Canadian government and did not see how the people of Canada were really getting no say in the matter. The way trials and executions were being run and decided, Riel was appalled that anyone could ever see how this way was right. So, he was determined to make a change and eventually was able to with the help of Thomas Scott. Scott was eventually executed, which terrorized Riel, and this action led to the exile of Riel to the United States. During his exile, Riel was named to the head of the Canadian Committee three times and was eventually executed, himself, after being determined to have a mental illness.

Riel has and always will be looked upon as a hero to today’s Canadian population. The way things are run these days from within the Canadian government is mostly because of the dreams and ambitions that Riel lived out in his short life. There are not many people throughout history that would have put their life on the line to stand up for his people, but Riel is truly one of the most remarkable characters in Canadians fruitful history.

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