Why Is Love So Complicated?

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Why Is Love So Complicated?

Love is a strong feeling, an emotion. It may be defined in a lot of ways. When love is felt for any person, it can be expressed through the act of kindness, concern, trust, generosity, compassion and intimacy. Love can also be a feeling of attachment to a thing or an event. But what stirs most of us is the love felt for a certain individual or persons.

Although love is a universal thing, it is defined in a lot of ways. Some would say it’s simply described when felt and others would say it’s so complex. Love is something subjective, a personal feeling and when felt; it is evident in the actions of the person who feels love.

But why does love become complicated? Love is said to have six types. Before getting into complications, let’s try to read through the types and discuss later how complicated these can become.

First type of love is called Eros. An Eros type of love is on passion, the physical, some would say it is lustful and somehow gives you a tickling experience. This type of love makes you feel that butterflies are in your stomach. Second is called Pragma. Pragmatic love is known to be practical. In this type, loving someone is based on rational reasons. Third is Banquet love. A banquet love is a sacrificing love; it is unselfish and gives for the welfare of others. Fourth is called Storge. It is based on friendship and companionship. Fifth type is Ludus love. Love is considered a game, and does not go for serious relationships as it is more of fun-based. And the last type is mania, which is the obsessive love. It is expressed in intense emotions and may result to jealousy or violence for some.

Complication sets in when the love you feel, from any of the types mentioned above crosses boundaries of people in a negative way. When loving would mean losing your sanity, the appropriateness of behavior and when love is expressed, the rights of others are violated. Love becomes complicated in situations we choose to communicate it with. Love is a personal feeling, let is be constructive and not destructive.

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