Why is LTE better than Wimax?

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Why is LTE better than Wimax?

LTE is the short form for Long Term Evolution. LTE is one of the 4G wireless networks that offer high-speed internet access through the use of mobile phones. As the latest standard in the mobile network technology, LTE’s level of technology has allowed public safety agencies in the United States of America to further improve its spectrum during operations and important public procedures. WiMax , on the other hand, is another 4G wireless network that is deemed to compete with LTE. WiMax comes from the long label of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. WiMax was found to be applied in a variety of ways. It is proven to provide wireless alternative to cable and DSL, portable mobile connectivity and source of internet connection to various business events and transactions.
The battle between the two wireless networks continues to rage. However, it was found that LTE is better than WiMax. The reason for this is that LTE has faster speed of at least 100 Mbps. This high speed, two way wireless data is able to handle large memory capacity that allows videos phone calls and other multiple streaming systems to be accessed. Ultimately considered to be the successor of current-generation 3G technologies, it significantly provides faster internet access, both in uploading and downloading, without delaying other mobile operations. Aside from its fast running speed, LTE headsets have been designed to an automatic roaming for non-mobile systems. More so, LTE was found to have an improved end-user experience and simple architecture making the costs cheaper and more affordable. With its high throughput, latency and plug and play, LTE is definitely better than WiMax.
As the battle of which wireless network will reign supreme, it is not a question why LTE should be hailed to the best.

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