Why Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero?

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Why Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero?

We have read about tragedies a lot through the plays that we had in school. Tragedy does not automatically connote something sad. You will actually be able to see the heroism and bravery of the main character however it is his flaw that will prove to be fatal which will then lead to his downfall.

A tragic hero is the main character in a tragedy. Macbeth is one of the more famous tragic heroes, which also include Othello, King Lear, and Hamlet among many others. We have come to know them in school and may have even acted out one of them.

Macbeth is considered to be a tragic hero because of the circumstances that surround his life. He was a hero at the start of the play because he was able to defeat the rebels in a battle, which lead him to be named as the ‘Thane of Cawdor., However, it was the ambitious desires that were further manipulated by his wife and the 3 witches that lead to his downfall.

A tragic hero has a fatal flaw that will be manipulated and used by other people against him. For Macbeth, it was his inability to control his emotions and capacity for violence that was manipulated by other people. Since he could not stand up to the meddling of his wife, Lady Macbeth as well as the influence of the 3 witches on his thinking, he was lead to turn against his king. Also, his desire for greatness also added fuel to the fire that was already burning inside him. It was this desire that made him turn against his king and kill him.

Macbeth was not a bad person all throughout. He was a noble person fighting alongside his king. However, ambition, desire and manipulation of other people lead him to give up his loyalty and pursue his own evil desire and eventually lead to his downfall.

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