Why Is McDonalds Bad For You?

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Why Is McDonalds Bad For You?

McDonalds is the world’s largest fast food chain. McDonalds is popular for its delectable, mouth-watering delicious burgers, fries and chicken products, soft drinks and a lot more. Eating a lot of this kind of food will harm your body; but still, McDonalds is considered the best for they are serving low cost and quick food. You must think that everything comes along with consequences.

If you are more particular on your health, then fast food chain such as McDonalds is not the place to eat if you are craving for food. You’ll going to take a massive content of fat, calories and salt by eating food like burgers and fries. Burgers in McDonalds contain saturated fat which is very harmful to eat often for it is red meat. French fries are cooked by frying into litres of oil; it absorbs too much oil while deep frying, and again another fat intake. McDonalds’ food has lots of preservatives to maintain its texture and size. Over sizing seems to be very practical for those who are having a tight budget, for they are discounting the price of the food if you’ll going to double the size; which is another massive fat intake.

Even vegetable salads consider unhealthy because of its fatty dressing added on top. Eating in McDonalds isn’t really bad, but if you do it often, it may cause you some diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and it can even lead you to obesity. The only great thing in fast food is you can save time. It is more pleasurable for busy individuals like students and workers. The more time you save for work and school by eating in a fast food restaurant like McDonalds, the greater reduction to your average life span.

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