Why is Michael Jordan famous?

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Michael Jordan is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, basketball players in the world.  For fans of the sport, Jordan is often considered the “greatest player that has ever lived.”  But when you ask people why they think Michael Jordan is such a famous celebrity on and off the court, there are actually many different answers to this very basic question.

Some people and fans consider Michael Jordan’s moves as what made him really famous in the NBA or National Basketball Association, the league where he showed his numerous talents and skills.  One such famous move is his legendary “air time” when trying to shoot the ball.  Jordan is said to be able to stay up longer in the air in the act of shooting which makes for a very good photo and/or video opportunity.  Because of this unique talent, many people refer to Michael Jordan as “His Airness.” His skills in the “air” were also made into a very famous shoe by his shoe sponsor.  “Air Jordan” basketball shoes are one of the most popular and sought-after type of shoes.

Other people also see Michael Jordan as having great slam dunk skills which make him a very famous basketball player.  Some people also point to Jordan’s huge contribution to his team, the Chicago Bulls, in terms of winning several championships in the NBA.  Jordan has also been able to create seemingly-impossible shots and several so-called buzzer-beaters in very important games which even made him more famous.  As an individual player, Jordan has also won several Most Valuable Player awards, was selected in several All-Star games, has had several scoring and stealing titles, as well as various other achievements on the court.  With the great talent and skills that Jordan demonstrated in the NBA, he has made himself a big name in the field of basketball.

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