Why is mma safer than boxing?

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Why is mma safer than boxing?

MMA or mixed martial arts allows the player to use any variety of fighting techniques.  It is a full contact combat sports that allows attacking and grappling strategies even when the players are standing or on the ground.

The term mixed martial arts became official in 1995.  It was originally founded to find out what martial art technique is the best for unarmed combats, thus lesser rules were applied.  But then, to promote safety among players, additional stricter rules were adopted.  Now, the sport had been gaining acceptance to the public and it has even become one of the famous contact combat sports in the world.

Watching MMA players compete would seem to create too much violence.  This causes others not to patronize these sports thinking that it involves muck kicking, grappling, punching, striking, etc. But then this notion is wrong because MMA is even safer than boxing.  In MMA, less accidents, brain damage and death had been reported because it has lesser rounds.  There are rules that help hurt players so it the referee finds out that on player had been injures, the play is stopped automatically.

In a title fight, boxing has twelve rounds of 5-minute each while in MMA, there are only five rounds of 5-minute each. This would explain why MMA is safer because the player is les exposed to hits.

In boxing, most of the punches are done on the head while in MMA, there are other ways to hit the opponent.  Moreover, in MMA, the player can choose to take the fight to the ground or clinch the opponent.  In boxing, the referee interferes if the opponent clinches.  This gives more opportunities for a player to punch the opponent in the head.  More punches on the head would mean more chances of brain damage.

Number also proves that MMA is safer than boxing.  In 16 years, there is only 1 recorded death for MMA while in boxing, almost 110 died.

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