Why is Mohandas Gandhi important?

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Why is Mohandas Gandhi important?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a famous and distinguished political leader of India during the period of Indian Independence movement. He was born in 1869, on 2nd October and died in 1948. MK Gandhi was also referred as the important spiritual leader in 20th century. He became so interesting personality as he followed and made the people in the Independence movement to follow the method of non-violence. His fighting methodologies are observed and practiced by many other activists in politics and American civil rights leader, King Martin Luther Jr. Though he was born in a Hindu family which is considered as middle class in the society, he grew up into a great personality embedded with high values. He practiced Brahmacharya” all through his life and practiced his Love towards God.

In 1888, MK Gandhi was in England to learn law. He became a lawyer after 3 years and returned to his mother country. He worked for one year in India after which he was called to South Africa by an Indian. In 1892, MK Gandhi travelled to South Africa and stayed there for about 20 years. He observed the ill-treatment of Hindus in South Africa. The Hindus did not have legal rights there. The Indian Hindus were tortured there to the maximum extent and were treated as slaves. The Hindus there were called as Coolies” which means laborers. Gandhi became the Indian leader in South Africa and fought against the atrocities that were done against Indians. He started the revolt based on Non-violence civil disobedience movement which he called as Satyagraha”.

From 1905, Gandhi left all the Western ideas and ways and he continued this till the end of his life. He became very austere, holy and devout Hindu and followed the traditions of the religion. He started to appear simple and live simple. His greatness was in his simplicity. He returned to India in 1915 and he travelled to many places inside the country. He used to solve many local fights and disputes. MK Gandhi was arrested in 1922 for rebelling against British authorities and was released in 1925. He was a good social reformer and worked on increasing the relations between Hindus and Muslims.

Gandhi emphasized the method of Satyagraha to be followed in the national movement against British for Independence. He insisted to follow passive resistance, nonviolent disobedience, boycotts, hunger strikes and so on in the freedom movement. By performing fasting he urged many states which were under king’s rule to follow democratic form of government. He forced the British to give deliberately India its Independence on August 15th, 1947. He believed in God and in the Unity of Mankind irrespective of caste and religion. He preached Christian, Muslim and Hindu ethics to everyone. MK Gandhi recalls a politician and a moralist who lived for the universal conscience of humans.

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