Why is Mona Lisa so Famous?

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Why is Mona Lisa so Famous?

Mona Lisa is a painting done by Leonardo da Vinci in between 1505-1510AD. This painting was known to have been done during the period of Italy Renaissance. It is most popular oil painting which is displayed now at the museum called Musee du Louvre at Paris, France. The simple smile of Mona Lisa is liked by many people. Apart from her special smile, Mona Lisa picture was having another speciality. When you see the picture from any angle it appears as if it is looking at you in that particular angle. In whatever direction you move, her looks will meet straight to your’s in that direction.

This Painting was not famous till 1800s. Even Leonardo da Vinci was not popular till 1800s. This painting of Mona Lisa was enjoyed by Napoleon and he retained this painting in his bedroom. Later it was stolen from the Napoleon’s possession. Due to these two incidents both Leonardo da Vinci and his Mona Lisa painting became popular. When the painting was lost from Napoleon’s palace in 1911, for about two years there was hot news about this matter in the Newspapers. Later, this painting was recovered from Florence Hotel. If all these events were not occurred regarding the Mona Lisa painting, it would have been a normal painting of Leonardo da Vinci hanging in some museum.

Another special thing about the picture is that no hair is seen on the face like eyebrows and eyelashes. Some people who did detailed study about this aspect revealed that women of that period used to remove hair on their faces. An engineer in France called Pascal Cotte in 2007 has revealed from his research studies on Mona Lisa painting that Mona Lisa had hair on her face. The ultra high resolution scanning done by him proved with evidence that eyebrows and eyelashes of Mona Lisa were originally painted but were lost later probably due to cleaning.

Da Vinci was known to have painted the picture with micro-thin glazed skin texture using a technique called sfumato. This was investigated by the scientists through X-Ray flourescence spectrometry.

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