Why is more ram better ?

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Why is more ram better ?

With the invention of various technological instruments the human races have been moving ahead. Computer has been one of the greatest inventions of science. And RAM ( Random Access Memory ) is one of its core components. When a application runs on a computer it consumes the space in the RAM area. So, naturally the more the RAM, the more is the scope of working smoothly.

In earlier days average computer users had 64 Mb or 128 Mb of RAM. But as technology revolutionized the price lessened and quality improved of all the components of the computer. Nowadays there are configurations in which there remains 4 Gb, 8 Gb, 16 Gb or even more RAM. The cause of such increase in technology and memory is the improvement of application which got larger by the passage of time through improvement and quality. The applications and software run smoothly if the RAM is adequate.

Having more RAM is better because it provides with so many benefits to a computer user. Having more RAM gives a smooth flexibility in using the computer as stated. It also gives a computer user the benefit of multi-tasking. Having more RAM allows a user to run multiple windows and multi tasking at the same time. For Graphics designers who rely on heavy graphical loads must have more RAM in order to make the computer using enjoyable. Besides, gaming which has been a primary form of entertainment in computer requires more RAM for smooth graphical interface. Having more RAM will also help in efficient networking, in preparing enhanced multimedia presentations, optimizing windows processing, more efficient video editing, faster web browsing and over all in all the tasks that can be done and run with the help of computers. Having more RAM is always better.

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