Why Is Motivation Important?

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It is interesting to understand why people behave as they do. For centuries, behavioral and social scientists, as well as everyday people, have been searching for answers. For example: a child obeys his parents to avoid punishment; a secretary works overtime so that she gets a higher pay to buy a better car; or a politician lies to win in an election. The reason for doing a difficult thing is motivation.

Meaning of motivation:

Motivation is a process that begins, leads, and continues behavior towards a goal. It is that power within a person that draws him to a goal. This human behavior is complicated as it involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that initiate and finalize the behavior. Ordinarily, motivation describes why a person does something.

Motivation has three essential components:

Activation is composed of the individual’s plan to begin a behavior, to start moving to accomplish a goal.

Persistence is the perpetual effort to attain the objective despite the difficulties. When the going gets rough; people are likely to quit  that motivation prevents.

Intensity is devoting strong attention and vigor to continue an activity in order to reach a goal that maybe difficult but there is the energy to go on.

Tips to strengthen your motivation?

Sometimes, you set a goal but quit when it get difficult. The following can strengthen motivation.

1. Awareness that your major goal is overwhelming and better achieved by separating them into smaller ones and making it easier for you to motivate yourself. Sometimes a major goal is hard to achieve but the procedure is easier when apportioned into smaller goals.

2. Firmness in resolving to finish what you start. Convince your mind that whatever you start has to be finished. Develop the habit of reaching the finish line.

3. Socializing with achievers and people with the same interests or goals. Since motivation and positive attitude are contagious, walking with motivated people is a good way towards success.

4. No-no to procrastination as it leads to laziness, and laziness means lack of motivation that leads to failure.

5. Keeping the fire of enthusiasm burning by persistence, patience and not giving up, in the midst of failure and difficulties.

6. Giving free vent to your enthusiasm and ambition to grow and become stronger by reading about the subjects that will inspire you to move towards its accomplishment.

7. Making constant affirmation that you will succeed. You can strengthen your desire and convince your subconscious mind by looking at images of things you want to achieve, do or get.

8. Having a vision of the goal you want to achieve and mixed with feelings of happiness and joy.

Types of Motivation

Incentive involves rewards, both monetary and nonmonetary. Companies used bonuses and promotions as incentives for motivation. Department stores offer valuable prizes to get more customers.

Fear involves consequences and often resorted to when incentive motivation proved unsuccessful.  Negative consequence or punishment falls under the type of fear motivation. People who are park on the wrong place are issued tickets.

Achievement is referred to as the drive for competency. People are driven to reach goals, overcome new challenges, and improve skills to prove their competency both to oneself and others.

Growth is the need for self-improvement and an intense desire to increase knowledge of oneself and of the outside world. People want to learn and grow as individuals.

Power is the need to control others and in some cases, the craving for power that induces people to commit harmful, immoral, or illegal behavior. Or the longing for power is merely a desire to affect the behavior of others.

Social is the desire to belong and to be accepted by a specific peer group or a desire to relate to the people in this sphere or in the larger world.

Motivation and success:

It is important to understand the different types of motivation to determine and learn how to hold to the most effective methods for inspiring the desired behavior that leads to success. Motivation is neither considered positive nor negative; good nor bad, for it is the consequence or the way they are used that that determined their type. Remember that certain goal is really important and using the above tips will strengthen your motivation, and keep you going forward.

Follow your passion and make your dreams a reality.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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