Why Is Mountain Dew Bad For You?

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Why Is Mountain Dew Bad For You?

When we get thirsty, we always look for a soda to quench our thirst. IN a party or any gatherings, soda is always part of the refreshment. One of the most famous soft drinks is Mountain Dew. Its flavor has been a favorite of so many Americans that’s why its sales had rapidly increased.

Mountain Dew may be a delightful to drink but it can also be bad for our health. Why? The ingredients of Mountain Dew can be hazardous to our health. It contains High fructose Corn syrup which is an artificial sugar. It is even more harmful than the regular sugar because it contains high fructose which can cause obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and gallstones. In a 120z bottle of Mountains, it contains almost 50g of sugar so that is too much for a regular sugar intake our body needs.

Any soda and that includes Mountain Dew, contains Citric Acid which can burn our intestines or damage our teeth if we take too much of it. If we always drink mountain Dew, then the citric acid may cause damage in our stomach and other internal organs. Caffeine is another strong ingredient of Mountain Dew. We all know that too much caffeine is bad to us because it can also cause migraine or worse psychotic disorder.

Mountain Dew is known for its yellow color. That is not a natural color because it came from a food dye called Yellow 5 or Tartrazine. If taken much by our body, it can cause allergic reactions. For children, it might also behavior problems because the components of the dye can alter our human genes.

Now that we have been introduced to the adverse effects of Mountain Dew, it’s time to discipline ourselves not to drink soft drinks or any other harmful beverages. Instead, we can just opt for pure water or natural juices so that we can preserve our health and we will not face greater risks in life.

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