Why is Mp3 so popular?


Why is Mp3 so popular?

If we trace back how recorded music is played, it all started from phonographs to cassettes, to portable tape player, to CD player, and now the mp3 player. The player gets smaller and smaller but can play more songs. This is the wonder of technology. With the advancement of sound recording, more people are interested in listening to music because of the convenience and speed.

Before, you really need to buy a record which is as big as a round plate and let it play in a turntable. Now, music can be downloaded in the internet without the burden of going to music bars and collecting bundles of cds.

Mp3 becomes very popular both as a music format and a player because of its portability and size. Mp3 means MPEG layer 3 audio. The MPEG is a form of compression that allows the audio and video to be squeezed so as not to eat up too much space. Although the file is compressed, the quality is still the same as that of CDs. It is also easier to copy the audio and video files because the sound quality does not degrade.

Mp3 file is very convenient to download and to share. You can even get the latest song from the day it was released. That is how fast Mp3 works. However, there are those people who take advantage of the availability of the files. They just download without asking permission. Now the some internet sites are stricter on this. They impose payments for those who want to get music online.

The digital era now offers us entertainment in tiny packages. Just like the mp3, audio and video files come in handy. This what makes mp3 so popular. With the size and quality of the file, mp3 is surely a technological innovation.

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  1. Brian Hoorn

    August 20, 2011 4:15 am

    Are you an idiot??? MP3 is NOT the same quality as a CD. Shut your mouth before you hurt yourself.

  2. average joe

    March 29, 2012 4:50 pm

    totally agreed – this guy doesn’t have any understanding what the mp3 format is. also the mp3 quality can sound the same as CD quality only to a blind and deaf person in permanent coma


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