Why Is Mr. Big Called Mr. Big?

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Why Is Mr. Big Called Mr. Big?

Mr. Big is one of the characters of the famous TV series made into a movie titled Sex and the City. He was the love interest of Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker. He appeared in the pilot episode of the series in a scene where he accidentally meets Carrie in the streets of New York.

Carrie when asked about him by her set of friends, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha only refers him to as Mr. Big. He is named this way because he portrays the quintessential big shot New Yorker man who made a name for him. His big personality and presence that you surely will not miss earned him the nickname.

Being the big guy in the big city earned him the moniker Mr. Big. He is always seen wearing a formal suit so everyone assumes that he works in a big firm earning big bucks. His high stature in the social circles of New York must be influential so he gets to be called that way.

Although some say that the name Mr. Big symbolizes his character’s unavailability especially when it comes to commitment. Anything to do with emotions, he detests or runs away from. The audience is always left wandering on who he is and what he is going to do and how his actions will affect Carrie. There have been many scenes in the series that his name was almost mentioned but something always happens cutting the scene short and leaving us, the audience, with no name except for Mr. Big.

You can say that his name connotes something that cannot be attained, something unachievable because that was what happens with him and Carrie. There was no clear-cut definition on what their relationship really was. It was something so big that you cannot grasp. This kind of relationship between the two continued even if Mr. Big moved to Napa Valley California.

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