Why is MSN so slow?

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Why is MSM so slow?

MSN or in full length term, The Microsoft Network, is an array of internet sites and services that is under the production of Microsoft company. This internet collection was launched last August 24, 1995. Its creation was intended to purposefully coincide with Windows 95 operating system but as time and technology passed and improved significantly, MSN expanded its range instead of sticking to its interactive media content that was only compatible with the former existence of dial-up Internet service providers across countries. After its initial release, the brand name MSN became popularly known and became noticeably recognized by users. Even at the application’s new name, Windows Live, which was launched last 2005, MSN is still used today by many people all over the world. Today, MSN.com has been renowned to be the 9th most visited domain in the World Wide Web.
Because of its many versions, revisions and improvements, MSN has been dominating the entire world. From the United States of America to Canada to London and to almost all countries, MSN is one great invention that most people have been continuously using through the years. However, despite its constant enhancements, updates and improvements, most online users seem to have one complaint in common. They have claimed that MSN is now already so slow. A lot of users are already seeking for explanations why MSN is so slow. The reason behind MSN’s lag response is primarily because of the great number of users it has. Countries all over the world are utilizing such provider for a variety of reasons. While some use it for business and formal purposes, others utilize MSN for play, fun and enjoyment. And because of great use among users, MSN cannot fully accommodate everyone thereby compromising the speed of its responsiveness.

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    August 10, 2013 3:21 pm

    MSN.com website loads blazingly fast! Faster than any website I’ve seen ever! even on slow Internet connection.


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