Why is myelin sheath important?

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Why is myelin sheath important?

Human body is a creation of the greatest scientists of all. And every single part of its body has its own activity and importance. There are a lot of details and mechanism hidden in the human body that we are getting to know through the improvement of science & technology. Neuron is a cell of our body that is in countless numbers and it transmits commands inside the body, from one place to another. One neuron cell closely interconnected with another transmits the command from place to place in human body. And among the component that builds up Neuron, myelin sheath is one. Out of curiosity question may arise about the importance of myelin sheath.

Neuron cell has a head which looks like a root of a large tree that remains in a spreading manner under the upper layer of soil. And it has a thin wire like, long substance connected with its head. Sheath is a word that means cover of crops or something of that sort. Myelin sheath is the very sheath that covers this wire like area. And it is mainly through these sheaths that, commands jump from one myelin sheath to another making the transmission of command faster. Commands transmitting through myelin sheath reach to the head of neuron and thus transmit the command to the next myelin sheath of another neuron. This cycle of transmission helps us to react with various parts of our body.

It could be understood now about the importance of myelin sheath. If the sheath is damaged, it would affect very badly to our body. Damage of myelin sheath might result in visionary problem and other problems of senses working in an improper way as damage of these sheaths hamper the command transmission process of our body.

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