Why is NASA important?

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Why is NASA important

NASA also known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had contributed a lot to different fields of study. With the era of modern civilization, a lot of discoveries have been made because of NASA.
NASA was created by the US government in 1958. Its main role is to explore outer space and the heavenly bodies. From the time of its existence until now, it has produced a lot of scientific investigations which made the universe a more interesting subject to study on. There were breakthroughs introduced especially in the discoveries of new heavenly bodies. With this, NASA has become an important part of human lives and the lives to come.
NASA has also created satellites for leaning things about the Earth and its behavior. It has sent probes that explore the mysteries of the solar system. The spaceships sent humans to the moon to better understand how any why the moon exist.
NASA is important because it creates weather satellites that observe climatic changes and weather patterns of the earth. Through this, possible solutions can be made regarding weather disturbances. NASA also helps predict possible happenings in the outer space such as the occurrence of comets, revolutions of planets, the attacks of asteroids, etc. By learning this things, humans become more aware of what is really happening around us. We are given a clearer picture of the vast universe which before was only considered a theory.
NASA is important because of the roles it plays. With NASA, more satellites and air spaceships were invented. A Faster and safer exploration to the universe can be experience because of further studies and research developments. NASA still continues to fulfill its plan by creating an International Space Station that would produce more discoveries and investigate more scientific studies about the earth and the universe. With this, we become more prepared of what further mysteries the future might entail.

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